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Hi, I'm Larry Bloodworth
My wife and I own a successful 4-bay transmission shop in Draper, Utah, which is a suburb of Salt Lake City. I'm an ASE certified master as well as holding all 3 ATRA certifiecations. My wife Lorraine, has degrees in accounting and economics, as well as holding an SEC license and an insurance license and is currently the chairman of the board of the Draper Chamber of Commerce. But don't let the accolades fool you. We're just a normal couple trying to make a living like the rest of you.

My hope is that by joining this forum, I can share what I have learned by being in the transmission business for the last 40 years can help other shops, builders, and R&R guys do a better job and be more profitable.

Even though most transmission shops have been forced to take on General Repair in order to survive during the recession, we have somehow been able to remain a transmission-only shop. Thank heavens. Frankly, we don't have the room. We only have 4 bays with 2,000 sq. ft. and a build room with only 1,000 sq. ft. for a total shop area of 3,000 sq. ft. We simply don't have the room to take on General Repair(GR).

However, because we do only transmissions and transmission-related work, all of our work tends to be big ticket. Although we're only a rinky-dink shop in BFE, Utah ;-) we did $1.2M last year and we'll do over $1.3M this year.

Like most shops, we spend all that we make. We flew the entire crew, all expenses paid, to the Expo in Washington, D.C. this fall and they enjoyed it. We have spent a total of $25K on training this year alone. It's not because we are nice guys or that we want to; it's because we HAVE TO. Transmissions are simply too complicated nowadays.

We can't learn by trial and error anymore. I've tried that. BTDT and I can't afford it. $25K in training is cheaper, trust me. Not to mention less damage to a shop's reputation.

For those that are interested, we have a YouTube channel that can be found at
and a couple of shop walkaround videos at:
Outside shop video:

Inside shop video:

Copy and paste the web addresses into the address bar of your browser. You can reach me directly at the address and phone number below. Thanks for listening!

J. Larry Bloodworth
Certified Transmissions
801-523-1313 (business) (personal)
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